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How The Opioid Crisis Is Overwhelming Funeral Homes In West Virginia, US

The sharp increase in fatal drug overdoses in West Virginia has  overwhelmed funeral directors, the medical examiner’s office and  families trying to bury loved ones. (via Road Trip: Listen To America)  

Date: June 26, 2018

Minority Leader, State Representative Stacey Abrams, D-GA, explains Her efforts to reach the Voters of Georgia on "Late Night with Seth Meyers".

Date: June 20, 2018
by  WOOD TV8  Published on Jun 9, 2018

Michigan's Democratic gubernatorial candidates Shri Thanedar, Gretchen Whitmer and Abdul El-Sayed debate at WOOD TV8 in Grand Rapids, Mich. (June 20, 2018) eo

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Medical Conference Sponsors Information


The Medical, Pharmaceutical & Government Conference is a two day program of informational, educational, and group symposiums on medical bills/laws, prescription procedures, and medical practices. 



November 10-12, 2018, Medical, Pharmaceutical & Government Conference, Hull, MA. 

A conference that brings healing to the nation through converging professionals from the fields of medicine and government, including physicians, hospital directors, nurses, elected officials, government leaders, pharmaceutical leaders, and association leaders.

The political, pharmaceutical and medical leaders will engage in pertinent dialogue about the nation's most important issues related to health and medicine, to determine the solutions to put forth to our legislative bodies. Existing bills and laws will be reviewed. CityPolitical Magazine will present to the nation, the result of all committees and photos of all that attended.  Massachusetts is where the foundation of our nation began and is the home state of the Presidents John Adams. and his son John Quincy Adams. A tour is provided to their homesites. Many activities including entertainment, tours, and events are planned for your enjoyment, including our Veterans Day Banquet: Celebrating Our Founding Veterans.   

Register early for benefits!

CityPolitical News

Atlanta, Georgia

Candidate for Governor, State Representative Stacy Abrams, GA

CityPolitical Atlanta 

Abrams Makes United States History as First Black Woman to Advance to Governors General Election

Baltimore, Maryland

CityPolitical Baltimore, MD 

Ben Jealous, Winner of Maryland's Gubernatorial (Governors)

 Democratic Primary Election 

220,045, 39.8%    

98% reporting

Boston, Massachusetts

CityPolitical Boston

The Massachusetts Democratic Convention and Photo Gallery.

Columbia, South Carolina

CityPolitical Columbia


Mayor Steve Benjamin, Columbia, SC is in Boston for 

The National Conference of Mayors
Boston, MA 2018, 86th Annual Meeting
Inclusion, Infrastructure, Innovation

Chicago, Illinois

CityPolitical Chicago

Illinois Primary Election Results 2018

Dallas, Texas

CityPolitical Dallas

Lupe Valdez is the Primary and Special Elections winner to face Greg Abbott, Incumbent Governor (R) of Texas...

Detroit, MI

CityPolitical Detroit

Michigan's Gubernatorial Race: 

Democratic Primary Candidates: Abdul El-Sayed, Shri Thanedar, and Gretchen Whitmer.  

Hartford, CT

CityPolitical Hartford

CT Rail is off to a great start! Daily News tells us how the numbers exceed 10,000 for the first week.

Los Angeles, CA

CityPolitical Los Angeles

Congressional Black Caucus defends US House Representative Maxine Waters, D-CA, amid Trump feud and notes the actual statement made by Congresswoman. (ABC News) 

New York, NY (Albany)

CityPolitical New York

Federal Elections Results from 

June 26, 2018

Philadelphia, PA

CityPolitical Philadelphia

The Inquirer:  Pa. federal judge Thomas Hardiman likely to be considered for U.S. Supreme Court 

Raleigh, NC

CityPolitical Raleigh

WRAL5 provides an overview of the Supreme Court Ruling for 

the Congressional Redistricting of North Carolina.

The actual ruling is also provided by CityPolitical under the article.

Richmond, VA

CityPolitical Richmond

Virginia GOP chairman, John Whitbeck, resigns weeks after voters pick Stewart as Senate candidate...

Trenton, New Jersey

CityPolitical Trenton

Successful Diverse City: 

Plainfield, NJ

Washington, DC

CityPolitical Washington, DC

Is Statehood in the Future for Congress Member Eleanor Holmes Norton and Mayor Muriel Bowser?  


The Medical, Pharmaceutical, & Government Conference in Hull, MA, will begin on Saturday, November 10, 2018, through Monday, November 12, 2018. The activities agenda is available online. The process of the sessions, bill development, and voting will be provided upon registration.

MPG Conference

CityPolitical National News

Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy

A press release announced the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy this month.

CityPolitical International

Trump protects Putin Against the Press

 In the United States, the media has the tendency to exert power and pressure on a President. Typically, the media has ...

GLUP21: Gun Law Use & Purchase Restricted to 21

Additional Information


 SUMMARY: As  the nation watches school after school, predominantly fellow students, that are in grade levels kindergarten through high school, come under attack and murdered by youth and fellow students using guns and high powered weapons including semi-automatic guns, we are asking that the government take immediate steps to enact laws that restrict the purchase, use, and operation of guns from youth under the age of 21 (twenty one years of age), and allow only adults that are twenty one (21) years of age or older. 

Proposal: To create, amend, repeal gun laws to include or ratify/enact laws to mandate and limit the use and purchase by citizens and legal immigrants to 21 years of age or older, to include REGISTERED and qualified exporters/importers of guns.

American students can use/shoot a gun at any age and purchase them by the age of 18 years old. Some students under 21 years of age use guns regularly, practice on video games to shoot daily, and have purchased guns without parental authorization. These guns purchased by   parents and organizations are used by children and youth to hunt, practice at the shooting range, and have access to the weapons at random times. Students have taken revenge on   students and teachers to gain notoriety by entering primary schools to murder  and shoot innocent students, faculty, and staff members. The increases in the number of these incidences are causing a national outcry. There is a pubic demand to create new laws, amend laws, and repeal laws to ensure that these murders cease and our schools are safe from gun violence. 

Constance Partee Lavette Johnson, Publisher of CityPolitical Magazine, proposes the law, GLUP21, Gun Use & Purchase 21 YEARS MINIMUM. This proposed bill is written to mandate and limit the use and purchase of guns to citizens and legal immigrants that are 21 years of age or older only, to include registered and qualified exporters and importers of guns. Illegal immigrants found with guns in their possession will be banned from re-entry permanently.If no criminality is sited, penalties for possession of a gun under 21 years of age are fee based at $1,000 and/or an extension of time to possess a gun increases from 21 years to 25 years.Use of a firearm to commit a violent crime or crime related to theft under the age of 21 years results in an added 5 (five) years in addition to the sentence of incarceration for the crime committed (5 years plus each sentence of conviction/crime).Use of a firearm without criminality such as hunting or shooting at inanimate objects results in a 5 year sentence for youth under 21 years of age.The penalty for adults that buy/purchase guns for children and youth, in person or online, under 21 years of age is a felony requiring a mandatory 5 (five) years incarceration.

Types of guns sales impacted:

The GUN USE & PURCHASE 21 YEARS MINIMUM law will impact guns sold in stores, fairs, online, person to person, imported, exported, and government to government.

Description of guns outlawed for those under the age of 21 years:


Scout Rifles:   Semi-automatic rifles with high accuracy.Pulse Rifles:   Burst-fire rifles designed for medium-range.Automatic Rifles:   Fully-automatic rifles with high recoil.Hand Cannons:   Revolver handguns with short range and high impact. 


Semi-automatic guns that harness the energy   of one shot, to reload the chamber for the next. After a round is fired, the   spent casing is ejected and a new round from the magazine is loaded into the   chamber, allowing another shot to be fired as soon as the trigger is pulled   again. This age restriction of 21 years or older also applies to guns   that use the recoil operation to do this, and guns   that use blowback or gas operation.


An automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid   succession for as long as the trigger is pressed.


A firearm (such as a revolver or pistol) designed to be held and   fired with one hand.


A weapon designed to stun or immobilize as by electric shock.

Course and license required by law

 · A state license is required· A written and practical test are required to obtain a gun license· Written and Practical Tests for gun license require a minimum of two hours of time.· To register for a gun license you must qualify by the following:o 21 years of ageo US Citizen or Proof of legal residencyo Rating of 6 or more on Gun Registration Testso Gun related or violent crimes disqualify registrations until probationary period is completed, and/or police work, or military duty is approved.

Key Reference Sources


Wikipedia, Firearms

New York State: Apply for a Firearms License 


Learn More


Key Reference Sources


Wikipedia, Firearms

New York State: Apply for a Firearms License